Eiki Projector Corner Correction (Warp and Bending Softwares)

Eiki projectors don’t include corner correction in their menu options. a frew of them will be compatible with either one

Microh console software LED video wall

As the Microh company that was making some LED video wall products isn’t in business anymore and that i myself needed so

Webasto CDN-1224 7-Day Timer Picture

Yes, the only real picture of this obsolete timer found in MCI buses (motor coach international) used to program when the heat

Dynamote inverter A Series

Dynamote was a company that Vanner inc purchased around 2000 i would pretend. They were building industrial power inverter int

Expert Publisher 1991, unknown version

Download Link: Expert-Publisher-IBM-PC-XT-ATCOMPATIBLE-1991.zip https://winworldpc.com/product/expert-publisher  

MyBackup, v1.0.0 1991 MySoftware Co.

Download link: MyBackUp-1.0.0-MySoftware-Co.zip User Instructions for MyBackup, version 1.0.0 Copyright (c) 1991  MySoftware

Perfect Labels, RKS Associates

Download link: Perfect-Labels-RKS-associates.zip Perfect Labels Instructions TO INSTALL ON A HARD DISK: 1. Place this disk in

Webster’s New World Dictionary and Webster’s New World Thesaurus

Download link: Websters-New-World-Combo-1.01.zip Not sure exactly if this program is a spell corrector, a dictionnary or somet

KoReNtHaL HeLp 1.0

This dos software seems to be used to open some .HLP files provided with odd Dos softwares. I have a file HERE encoded with th

WordMaster 1.2 by MasterWorks, William M. Farrar, 1989

Download link: WordMaster_1.2_by_MasterWorks.zip Please note: This documentation was designed to be printed from WordMaster. T