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Getting back in the game



This picture of me about 6 or 7 years ago is the last and only element I have to prove I was doing some Live Sound Engineering after something i will not discuss about happened. I do still have the touch, but it seems that it will be hard for me now to get back in the game at another position that stepping back to rolling cables and sweeping the floor.

If any of those who I have worked with are willing to add something just below about some work we did together in the past, go ahead, this page is all yours.



Express yourself to the soundman


I once went to a “Patio Vidal” restaurant for dinner as a Vegan… and wanted to simply have a pasta plate with some tomato sauce, not the regular meat sauce. It wasn’t on the menu so i asked the waitress if i could had a veggie version of the classic spag and that they could maybe use the pizza sauce if they didn’t had any veggie pasta sauce. She told me: ” just a minute, l’ll go ask in the kitchen…”. Few seconds later, the cook himself was back at my table and offered me to make me “super spag” with lot of sauteed vegtables in it, spices, the everything!  My answer was of course: “Go for it!”

In fact, the guy was just really bored flipping burgers and saw that little request as a great opportunity to make himself some fun as well as making a customer happy.

I could had been answered by the waitress a boring way like ” we don’t have that, sir”, but if you don’t like what the soundman is doing actually, simply both of you are maybe just not trying to reach the same destination.

Express yourself to him if you don’t like what you hear in the monitor. Tell him how you feel about what’s going on, about what YOU except to hear. After all, nobody’s the same and if you don’t express yourself, you may only get the regular condiments on your hot-dog and it will only be a great opportunity for you to spread around that this soundman has no experience and isn’t really a true one, which can be totally false.





Fête De La Famille De Rosemont 2014

Sound engineer & technical help.

I was involved quickly on this project by  Magali Vaidye and had very few equipment and time. I used two table to raise speakers on tripods above audience height. I made them as far as possible from each other following the cables i had available.  I also used two amplified speakers as a mono centred subwoofer under the stage. The crossover has been made by routing the output of the little 6 channel mixer through a free input, lowering the mid and the high and sending that output through an auxiliary mix on which the two speakers were connected.

The sound quality and bandwidth was surprisingly pleasant and just loud enough for anyone to hear everything from far away in parc Lafond.

Great fun during this wonderful summer day!