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How to write your website so that anyone could translate it

So you want to write a website but you are worried that some readers who use “Google Translate” could get a bad translation?

Well, I have a solution for you!

The trick is to write your website directly in “Google Translate” and translate it into a second language you might know.

Read the translated sentence and make adjustments on the left side until the meaning of it in the second language is correct.

After writing a sentence in the language of your blog, select it and copy it to the Clipboard (CTRL-C). Press the small “left-right “arrow”” button located between the two language areas to reverse the translation.

Now, the sentence you just translated will be on the left. On the right, you will have the translation of the translation. This is a puzzle, but to make things clear, make sure that no matter how many times you can translate a line between the two languages, this line stays the same while preserving its meaning.


Sometimes you may notice that after one or two translations, Google can choose a more general term to express something.

This page has been tested and can be translated into French , Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or Chinese and it retain its meaning.

Try it with this button !












So, how to keep your website online after your death?

That’s the question that came to me after I just listened to a documentary about the crazy evolution of the digital data “La folle évolution du stockage informatique—{Documentaire Technologie HD}2, 3, on youtube.

In order to find some answer, i asked Google about it:


Google’s moved me on an article of Jeff Reifman, who did already a great job about answering this question but unfortunately, there is no miracle answer to it. It is still very hard to figure out a way to keep up an available on the web some information after your death. He even predict the eventual death of Facebook service due to an unreliable business plan that will eventually fail, being just a matter of time. He talks in this article of the migration he recently made to leave Facebook.

I think that a solution for that is still on its way and we are all invited, if we have an idea, to spread it to the world.

Going back to the documentary i just previously watched, from those scientist who tries to write digital data artificially on DNA and those who tries to archive some inside pieces of quartz, i have no great clue about how we could keep this data up and running forever since someone has to pay for it to prevent someone to pull the plug of the unpaid invoice.

One thing i keep remembering of all those documentaries i looked at, is that keeping your data production to it’s minimum is crucial.

Seriously, 4K videos on YouTube for kittens, is that really necessary just cause your new phone can do it?

The amount of data we produce keep going up so fast that i think at first, it should be our responsibility to sometimes cut or reduce on the archiving quality of what we put on the web or on the cloud.













Cheap Coroplast Insulation


Yes, I think that could be used for cheap insulation project.

I had this idea as i saw there were individual air cells in this product. blocking both end of the air tunnels and stacking a few layers of sheet one over another, maybe crossed each time, could potentially be a great cheap solution for insulation. I know that this product is not flame retardant nor being known for lasting long since the plastic dries out after few years under uv sunlight, but I would pretend we could easily made a 10 years project with that.

Note that this material is pretty thght when used on its strong side, having a structure made of layer applied on over another held in place with tuck tape and assembled like a puzzle with random size pieces as well as keeping in mind of crossing the air pockets orientation after each layer added, I am sure that could made also a really strong structure just by itself!

In the movement of cheap minimalist houses made out of nothing, these materials can be found from used elections sign or available at any sign shop in their trash bin for free.

I would be curious also to measure the R-Value of this material when a box made of one inch, air tight stacked layers of this material could be!

Be aware that these plastics, as any plastic does at different levels, could emit hazardous particles. Remember the “new car” scent, that sent is toxic and I am happy to drive used and old cars containing old plastics that have emitted already their major toxic components over years.

Automated blue light removal on your laptop screen

I had this idea after reading a few articles on the web regarding how the blue light emitted by devices screen at night could affect our ability to calm down, relax and sleep well.

There is also an app for those with a jailbreaked iPhone that allows us to activate a night mode in which, blue wavelength are dimmed or simply removed from the screen output.

I made some test preset in the Intel Graphic Properties control panel to adjust my laptop screen colour and made myself some night or reading presets in which the white bluish colour of a on screen paper sheet such as a word document would turn to a yellowish “book under a candlelight” colour.

When the morning comes, I always run to switch back to normal preset since my eyes crave a bright and full spectrum display. In fact, the blue light is not bad at all. Following this Harvard Health Publication (archive link), we need it during the day to be awake, attentive and focused.

Now what if my laptop screen colour balance would by itself slowly follow the sun cycle?

Guess what, Intel added a time scheduler into their stuff!

Let start the project!

So, how did I calibrate my screen?

At first, I already appreciate the colours of my screen during daytime, when editing pictures… so the original curve the manufacturer gave to it let say is pretty acceptable. The first step was to build the opposite night time curve.

To do so, I decided the best idea was to reproduce the colour of an old yellowish book under incandescent light.

I opened an old yellowish book under yellowish incandescent light, brought my laptop screen aside, adjusted the brightness so the light reflected by the page match somehow with the light emitted by my screen. I then adjusted the colour parameters in the Intel control panel so the white of my screen looks like the same colour I can see the white page in the book.

Those pictures talk by themselves, there is a huge difference there. I locked the exposure, white balance and focus on the camera between the two takes, so the only difference is the setting on the computer side.

nightmodescreencolour1 nightmodescreencolour2

I then built 10 dimmed preset between those two opposite pictures. I used the time scheduler to automate the switch between those preset along the time of the day.

The result is the following: When it’s noon, my laptop has a bright screen with plenty of blue light, when it’s 5 pm, my screen dimmed to half yellowish and when it’s 10 pm, my screen looks like a book under a candle in order to let me fall asleep on the work I am not supposed to work on anymore at that time.

Hope you enjoyed this brilliant idea!


Going minimalist

That will be a very big project in my life. I don’t know where that will lead me but i could end up owning only what’s in my backpack. No car, no fridge, no phone line, no rent.

I would like to keep my laptop for communication and blogging purposes as well as a phone number registered to a voip provider in order to be able to send and receive text from my computer, to have a virtual voice mail and to make call through this number when I’ll be on WiFi with a “skype-like” software. It only cost about 2$ per month.

For all the rest, well, i think i could live without. I could travel north to south to follow the seasonal temperatures changes. With just a passport, i can go far.

Easier Tree Planting


Making trees roots grow in a flatter shape so there is no need to dig a hole to insert the root under ground level.

Just drop the tree on the ground and there will be enough moisture in the soil for the tree to start rooting down by itself after a few days.

I had the idea from the shape of a wine decanter.